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You’re wrong job interviews: 6 things most valued


You’re wrong job interviews: 6 things most valued
One of the great obsessions of today’s businesses what they ask. We are faced with this question because we are very professionally prepared in a world where it is common to have a career, a master and manage languages. Therefore, companies today calling aspects beyond preparation.
The key to finding the desired job today is in the attitude . When we choose a place, companies value our curriculum and training, since these are the pillars on which our professional activity is based.
He explains an expert in Human Resources that has more than 20 years in the sector. He says that “many of the people who attend job interviews make the same mistake: believing that vocational training is essential, forgetting that the attitude matter . It is something not shown in the selection process and this is why they are often not hired. ”
However, before two people trained similarly responsible for Human Resources will select those most enthusiasm put into getting the position , because in the future will be those most interested put in their work and therefore who will carry it out more effective way.
However, the requirements sought by companies today do not end here. Another objective anywhere is that harmony reigns, so that companies hire employees to row in this direction. This results in people who have no qualms about teamwork and, moreover, do so actively.
Under these lines, an expert in Human Resources explained to La Buena Vida faults that often make those who come to the interviews not showing the qualities sought by companies.

Attitude, what companies are looking for today

One of the first qualities demanded by companies today, and that costs to those seeking employment show is the self – confidence . People with self – confidence are usually the most daring when performing tasks since rarely are afraid to make mistakes.
Because companies need initiative, this feature is positive for them: will face any challenge and will face adversity because they have ability to accept mistakes and overcome problems that may arise. This quality is accompanied by two other fundamental self-esteem and the ability to be effective for oneself.

Although we are self – efficacious, it must not be the basis of our work, as companies want to incorporate companies who are able to work together . It is one of the fundamental qualities as companies today are based on that people know relate and empathize to undertake joint projects. You not only need to know work hand in hand but to listen, understand and apply the ideas of others, always willing to cooperate.

Companies also seek initiative , that is, that people are able to carry out initiatives or projects themselves. However, although this is the most immediate definition, it is also considered a person has initiative when before he was to be assigned a task, and assumes performed. A person with this quality causes good image with their bosses and their assessment grows in the minds of other employees.
Another feature that HR employees want to observe those who want to get a job and harder to show is, is the creativity . Many companies rely on the creation of new projects, and for them it is important that not all are designated by officials, but workers encounter any idea. In line with the initiative, the Human Resources expert consulted clarifies that a value showing ability to seek more novel to matters that are on the table is added approaches.
The ability to know and understand others put on your skin is another of the qualities that attract businesses. Therefore, empathy is a rising value today. In relation to teamwork, an empathetic person in charge of a group of persons may carry out the decision assessing how it can affect each of their peers.
Finally, one of the qualities that attract the HR department when selecting a worker is the ability to communicate it. Is related to the previous point, since those with skills communicators they have greater level of understanding and know understand others better. This is not only related to empathy, but with the ability to work in teams.
Thus, it is intended that people know how to combine all these aspects harmoniously, thus leading to a good performance of the company as a whole.


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