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What is the correct position to place the monitor? | Computer tips and tricks

If we wish to perform and be more productive at work, one of the best ways to do is to be well comfortable, ie create us a good working environment where materials and tools you use most often They are easy to reach and use.

However, much more important than it is to have good posture, because if we do not have the body in a relaxed, reclined position, our mind can not reach the levels of care required to perform correctly what need to do.

It is well known that the problems arising from a bad position to work, especially at a computer, significantly affect worker performance, in addition to cause serious problems such as back pain and joint pain, fatigue and even to eyes. In this sense, a bad monitor position can crawl to severe headaches, which inevitably lead us away from our goal. Produce to win. Fortunately there are a number of tricks that allow us to know what is the correct way to place a computer monitor, so get get excellent posture with which we can end the workday in top condition. Positioning the monitor as corresponds As we know, the monitor is the cornerstone of any computer, and if located improperly forces the operator to carry out its work in an awkward position, which eventually leads to impaired muscle function and skeletal besides irritation and dry eyes, blurred vision and severe headaches. To avoid these complications, we can implement the tips described below these lines. It is accepted by most of the professionals in the field, which monitor our PC must be located at an angle of between about 5% and 25% in line with our horizontal view, and the distance should be used to separate the device varies according to the size of the monitor screen. In the event that for example we have a 17-inch monitor, the recommended distance at which we can locate is between 50 and 100 cm. Another important consideration that we have to keep in mind is never out of place the monitor our viewing angle. The screen must always be centered with respect to our position, although we have adequate space or our business so we have to locate the side. Also the brightness, contrast and size of fonts displayed on the same play a key role a good and relaxed viewing. In the case of brightness and contrast, it is best to adjust the levels of the same at a range equivalent to that seen in the area in which it is located. Regarding the fonts, they should be sized at least three times larger than the smallest size you can go and read. Also, find a good location for the monitor within the area in which we will operate is essential for correct usage experience. In this sense, it is absolutely necessary to locate it in a place where we have no windows , and the brightness from the sun entering the room it directly affects our eyes adjusting to the brightness produced by the screen, causing fatigue and irritation. Another important consideration is not placed near the monitor light fittings which create glare directly on the screen, as the same, because of its construction, it acts as a kind of mirror, projecting the reflected directly in our eyes. Also, we should try not stay with the view on the monitor for extended periods of time, as this produces very tired to the muscles of the body. That is why it is best to take a little break after about 20 minutes of work. Another point to which we must pay attention to is that dirt on the screen plays a very important time to have a good view of the monitor role. Dirt accumulated in the same degrades the quality and clarity of what we are seeing, causing more fatigue. Therefore it is more than necessary to maintain our spotless and in good condition screen. If you liked this page, you can share …


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