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Tooth sensitivity, tooth pain, when eating or drinking hot or cold foods

Tooth sensitivity is the sensation of discomfort or pain that occurs in the teeth when we eat or drink some cold, hot or acidic food; or even when we exert a little pressure on them when we brush.

The crowns of the teeth are covered by a first layer called enamel. Beneath the enamel is dentin, a tissue that contains large amount of microscopic channels that connect directly to the nerve of the tooth. The tooth roots are not covered by enamel.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity occurs because the dentin is exposed mainly for two reasons:

Enamel wear surface of the tooth crown.
The receding gums surrounding the teeth leaving exposed part of the tooth roots.

What I can do if I have sensitive teeth?

Come to the query to find out the source and try to solve this problem.
Sometimes the dentist can apply a special varnish in sensitive areas or placing a restoration to cover areas that have lost enamel, which will significantly improve sensitivity.
Also, try using a toothbrush with softer bristles and use toothpaste and rinse with specific potassium nitrate for sensitive teeth.


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