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The 10 best Online jobs from home in 2019 – Work from home jobs

The 10 best Online jobs from home in 2019 – Work from home jobs Sure on more than one occasion you have heard it or even said:
-I have a baby and I would like to do work from home to not leave it.

-I’m unemployed and I take care of the children. I would like to go back to work, but without neglecting them.

-I have been looking for a job for months , I would like to be able to do something on my own.

These phrases are very frequent among thousands of people in the world.
Therefore, today we will address the issue of work at home, what are its advantages and what types of jobs you can do. Working from home allows you to save time moving from one place to another, take care of your family, generate your own income and develop as a professional in the area that you like.
The advantage of working from home is that you can accommodate your schedules and be aware of your personal matters. And if an unforeseen event arises, you can attend to it immediately.


Virtual Assistant

In this job you will put into practice all the skills I mentioned above, organization and planning, professional updating, problem solving and communication techniques.
If you have administrative , accounting, commercial or technical experience working as a personal assistant, administrative assistant or office manager, you can work from home on the Internet for different clients doing a similar job.
Virtual assistants give administrative support to one or more companies by phone and Internet, carrying out activities such as keeping an agenda, scheduling appointments, entering data into a system, making phone calls, planning trips and managing emails.
The rates can vary incredibly, but usually they are between $ 10 and $ 15 per hour.


Call center

Most of the big companies hire agents all over the world , even in those locations where they do not have physical offices or operations centers.
Usually these companies offer a prior training so that you know their processes and products.
The activities carried out in this job have to do with contact with customers or users, receive and process orders, address claims, specify sales, offer products, provide technical support, and resolve doubts.
In many cases, it could have gains by commission or fulfillment of goals, and generate between $ 8 and $ 18 per hour.


Editing and proofreading

This type of work requires a great knowledge of the grammar of a language. It is often requested that it be your mother tongue.
Being a perfectionist on the verge of perfection is a skill that will make you the right candidate for this job.
Editing and proofreading (there is no exact translation in Spanish), requires the revision and correction of spelling and writing, texts, articles, books, websites and blogs.
It is not just to correct them but to make sure they understand each other very well.
The rates of the professionals who develop this activity can be between $ 25 and $ 60 per hour .


Write, write.

This is one of the ways to work from home through the Internet that has the greatest number of variations and fields of work .
The most basic concept does not need much explanation, it is simply writing to earn money .
Companies or contractors will make you requests to write about … really, any topic .
They will set a number of words and what they expect from the content.
Whoever writes must have the creativity to do it in an entertaining way and gain the attention of the reader and the approval of the person who hires you.
You can be a writer of scientific works, short stories, blogs, editorials, advertising, reviews, web pages, forums, social networks, articles, scripts, practically anything that allows more than 60 characters.
One of the great advantages of being a writer is that you can do it at the time you want and from anywhere in the world, the rates vary as much as the modalities and contents and can range from $ 10 to $ 200 per hour.


Enter data (Data entry)

The purpose of this job is to load, process or eliminate data errors in a system that can be letters, numbers or symbols.
It does not require specialized knowledge , simply write the data correctly.
There is a variety of activities that involve data entry , for example: Copy PDF or JPG documents to Microsoft Word or Excel files, find errors in a database and delete them, fill out forms, configure formats, among others.
The income that can be earned when working from home on the Internet with data entry ranges between $ 3 and $ 12 per hour.


Social network manager

If you work or have experience developing advertising or marketing strategies for a company, this is the job for you.
The work of an Internet community manager goes beyond managing the different profiles of the company .
Its raison d’etre is to promote the brand , make it known and be in contact with each individual who has access to the Internet from the farthest and most hidden point on the planet.
The Internet community manager creates strategies and rules to advertise the brand.
On the other hand, the work of the manager of social networks, is related to the advertising of the brand but focuses on creating content for publication, following the rules of the Internet community manager.
Internet community managers and social network managers who work as freelancers from home through the Internet generate between $ 9 and $ 15 per hour.


Voice talent

Working from home personifying scripts, stories or characters can be very fun and exciting.
But it is one of the jobs that demands more creativity , practice, experience, budget and talent.
It is not enough to have a pleasant voice, you must have the ability to be heard naturally, and make it part of the character.
Breathe properly, make the necessary pauses, pronounce correctly and avoid environmental sounds .
If you want to dedicate yourself to this job, keep in mind that you will need a budget for professional recording equipment, training, demonstrations, marketing …
Although it may be a part-time job, keep in mind that customers can make last-minute requests and that they will sometimes send “emergency” reviews and projects at any time of the day.
It is not easy to know the rates for the recordings because they will depend on how long they are, the number of words, the content, the purpose, the use that will be given; You can have a margin as wide as between $ 100 and $ 2,500 per project.



With the globalization of large companies the demand for translators has increased much more than you can imagine.
Especially of those people who speak unusual languages .
The most requested languages ​​from the most important are English, French, German , Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Romanian.
The activities that are requested can be the translation of files and documents, conversations, interviews and conference calls.
The average salary is $ 10 to $ 25 per hour , the much higher rates are paid by large corporations.



As with data recording, audio transcription does not require prior knowledge or experience.
What will make you really good at this job is the speed with which you can write the text.
In this sense, the transcription agencies will ask you to perform a typing evaluation . To see how fast you can write.
It will be very useful if you use technical languages ​​such as medical, legal or financial terms, since these are the areas with the greatest demand.
Likewise, the desirable thing is that you have a good handling of the grammar and spelling rules , you can also help with some software specially designed to transcribe.
The activity to be carried out consists of receiving an audio or video file , and transcribing its content , this can be done in a textual way reproducing even the environmental sounds or editing and improving the content so that it is understandable.
There are pages that work as agents to obtain transcription jobs, among them TranscribeAnywhere, TranscribeMe, and Quicktate. And the earnings can be up to $ 25 per hour or more.


Online tutor

With the growth and acceptance of online education , this work is practically a safe bet. If you have experience and sufficient accreditation in some area of ​​knowledge.
The sciences are the areas that have greater demand and remuneration.
You can work as an online tutor for an institution, for a student who wants private classes or also with someone who needs to know more about a specific topic.
Also, you could give language classes online to students or to corporations.
If you work as a tutor, teacher or teacher working from home on the Internet, you could earn from $ 12 to $ 35 per hour.

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