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Introduction to Excel Basic Functions

This page introduces some of the basic functions that will help when you are using functions and formulas in Excel. Below are the most basic functions in the spreadsheet not only of the Excel program , but also most of them, such as the one you have free on Google Drive.

Specifically, these are the functions that I will explain:

  • Sum
  • Subtraction
  • Product
  • Division
  • Percentage
  • Maximum and minimum
  • Average

Basic Functions in Excel :



Sum : With this function what we calculate is the sum of all the numbers of a data set (also called range) It is represented in the Excel sheet:

= SUM (cell (s): cell (s))



Subtraction : Analogous to the sum, but with the sign – instead of the sign :. And it will be:

= RESTA (cell (s) -cell (s))



Product : Multiply all the numbers by obtaining the product of those numbers. It will appear:

= PRODUCT (cell (s); cell (s))



Division : Similar to the product. The formula will appear:

= DIVIDE ((cell (s) / cell (s))


Percentage (%)

Percentage (%): Excel calculates the percentage of a series of data, dividing the amount by the total. The expression of this function is

= PRODUCT (%; cell (s))


Maximum and Minimum

Maximum and Minimum : With this Excel function we will indicate the maximum and minimum value of a set of values. A) Yes:

= MAX (range) y = MIN (range)



Average : Returns the arithmetic mean of a series of values. With the expression:

= AVERAGE (rank)

Exercise with functions in Excel

In the exercise that I explain to you, you are going to perform your first actions to practice with Excel functions, suppose you have the following data:

Write in cell A1: the number 3 and in cell A2: write 2.
You are located in cell A3, you want to make the sum of these numbers, for this you will:
Insert, Function, choose Sum and press with the mouse or directly write in the first rectangle A1 and in the second A2 we give to accept, we obtain 5.

Proceed in the same way to perform the calculation of the other functions explained and so you will have made your first steps in Excel.

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