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How to use a program without installing it on Windows | Computer Tips and Tricks

Depending on the activity we conduct, and we just like to try a lot of software, installed several programs on the computer you’ll use only once

or twice usual stuff, but it involves a waste of space and often resources, and it is quite probable that the business of the day we forget to uninstall the system, and with the passage of time is he will join the others and we all know the end of history. Fortunately, if we do not want to experience problems with these programs we tested and only use a few times there Zero Install, hopefully just an application that will allow us to get rid of cumbersome installation process and all the problems associated with their use, which gives us the ability to test as much software as you want but within a framework of safety and containment, and also can control at home. Unlike the traditional method of installation, Zero Install allows you to download and use the software in a sort of capsule or convenient to perform caching facilities then remove it, since we all know that after installing software comes clean everything he has left behind it , which is not always easy to do process. Nor is it necessary that we draw or perform any special operative, and can be used even without administrator privileges. This means that the software can run through Zero Install, first download Internet and then is installed in said cache , and you get from this program. Obviously, in the event that we do not have an internet connection, the software contained in Zero Install can be used in the same way, except in exceptional cases. Using Zero Install Zero Install is cross platform, and to have it installed on our computer you only need to download the one for your OS version by clicking on this link. After downloaded, start using it only takes a few minutes. Once you have done all the necessary steps, the first thing you’ll see will be the main window of Zero Install, which provides two tabs and some buttons that will be used to configure, download, and install applications. The first of these tabs “My Applications” (My Apps) is the site where we can use the applications you have downloaded Zero Install , a previous step to select them and add them here. The second tab, “Catalog” (Catalogue) shows all Collection of applications available software, and is where we begin to select and download the applications you want to use through Zero Install. In the event that an application is liked, but still do not want to install it directly system, we can install it by clicking the Install Zero cross shaped icon next to each application. After that, the software will be available in the “My Applications” tab. Note that we can also do the same with apps that we like, but not listed in the catalog of Zero Install, using the button “Add other application” ( Add another application). Other interesting characteristics of Zero Install is downloaded each program is stored in its own cache directory within the program itself. It also checks for updates automatically each time the software is running and is able to receive latest versions of the software installed fully automatically without any intervention on our part. If you liked this page, you can share …


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