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How to migrate data from an old PC to a new

replace our old computer with a new, radiant and with great contemporary hardware, is one of the best ideas that we can have, because with a new PC you can perform all tasks with better speed and convenience, yielding resulted in improved performance and profitability.

But unfortunately, begin using a new computer is not as easy as unpacking, switch on and start working, but we have to have some time to move into your new house all documents, programs and configurations for years joined us on our good old PC. At this point, we’ve probably tempted by the possibility of a complete copy of the contents of the hard drive from the old computer, ie clone. However, this is a of the worst ideas you can have, as well as documents and others also will be loaded into the new PC all conflicts and problems before. That is why in this article we will know what is the best way to migrate data programs and settings from one PC to another without copying anything that could become a problem. We mentioned above that clone a computer to carry other data is a bad idea because it also would be taking all their problems, including hardware drivers and settings to that is gone, with subsequent immediate decrease in performance for the new PC. Another problem that often occurs is that of licensing, since by cloning would also running the operating system and its license. And if we bought the price includes a PC OS would be a real shame, and illegal. No cloning! At this point, and as we have seen, cloning is not the best approach, then we will make a little more effort our part to make everything right. These are just a few more minutes, but with this we will ensure that once the task is completed, we will sit us in front of the new PC to work as if nothing had happened. To begin, the first thing we need to do is add the new computer network or create a new PC from old. While this can be an annoying process, the fact is that is the fastest way to move files, and we will be very helpful. The second step is to install on the new computer all the programs that we use, taking care to install only you really have a practical use to avoid filling the PC applications that never used it. The same with the drivers, always considering download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website. In case you have installed software like Office Photoshop, Illustrator or specialized tools how are you, would be a good idea to first uninstall the old machine to avoid problems with the licenses. Once done, then it’s time to copy your documents and personal files. If we are commanded users, chances are you have stored your files in the system default folders, ie songs and albums on “Music” personal files in “Documents” and so on. If so, all we have to do is move the files from their original location to the new. Otherwise, we will take a little longer, and we could take the opportunity to sort the content in the manner that corresponds, which offers a lot of advantages . Migrating files with Windows Easy Transfer , however, may be that we do not have too clear what we should do, and we could use an application that could handle everything needed automatically without cause us problems. So that tool exists, and an integral part of the OS. Its name is Windows Easy Transfer. To use this tool click on the Start menu and select “All Programs> System Tools> Windows Easy Transfer” and follow the onscreen instructions. Hope these tips are be useful. Enjoy! If you liked this page, you can share …


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