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How to create and send an email from Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook | Computer Tips and Tricks

The question that all users have made ??us the first time we sit down at a computer was surely How do I send an email?

Such is the importance attached to this media in modern times that we can hardly find someone in the world that does not have an email address with which to communicate with family, friends and work relationships. Today there are many companies engaged in e-mail service , the most important, characteristics and presence , Google with Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo with Microsoft Outlook. Any of these services is excellent, and it’s just a matter of the user to try to find the one that best fits your needs. But this is not always a simple task, especially with beginners. That is why in this article we will start with the simplest and basic aspect: how to create and send an email with these three services. At this point, we will know everything you need to start writing and using e-mail, including some guidelines on security and productivity. Before us into the fantasy world of email, first we have to know some basic rules that will enable us to move safely and comfortably. At present, most e-mail providers allow using the same user account for access to all services offered by the company, as in the case of Microsoft, Yahoo and Gmail, which provide the opportunity to use eg Maps and Chrome in the case of Google, OneDrive and Outlook if Microsoft and Mail and Flickr in the case of Yahoo. That is to get an account with one of these providers will allow us to authenticate yourself with the same user account on each of these services, without having to get a account for each of them separately. It is also important to know that when you get an account on any of these businesses, we will need to complete some data that will help us in specific instances such as the lost or forgotten password and prevent theft account. Although it seems at this point that it is not necessary to provide this information later may be our only salvation in case something happens. Note that not all services use the same method for creating an account. At first, we enter a cell phone number an important requirement if we want to regain control of our own in the event of loss or theft of the password . This is to prevent anyone accessing our computer easily retrieve the password and hijack our own. So not to be afraid and enter the cell phone number because it is a measure of important safety feature. The second requirement that most companies ask for is a alternate email address, which will also be used to prevent the abduction of the account Mail by stealing the password. This mechanism is implemented each time you request a password recovery of our own, sending the information to the recovery of this alternative email. Otherwise cumplimentamos with this step, if problems will be virtually impossible to recover email account. The third condition necessary is called “Secret Question” method by which anyone wanting to steal our account must know the answer to a question previously registered and known only to us. Implementing this system is really easy, you only need to select one of the questions that the system provides us to respond. It seems a fairly simple method, but it is a very good advantage. It is also necessary to clarify that these services are all online, and therefore are completely independent of the browser or operating system used, including Linux, iOS or Windows. It is also can install on your mobile device, regardless of brand, model or operating system to equip, including Android, iOS or Windows Phone . Creating an account and writing our first email Microsoft Outlook After suffering a major change of direction and overall restyling, Microsoft webmail is becoming strong competitors from the likes of Gmail alternative. In addition, as mentioned, getting a Microsoft, we have access to other services of the company as One Drive, disk storage the cloud . Creating an email account in Outlook is easy, and free, and for this we have only to click on this link and follow the instructions offered by the system. After that, once we are able to send our first email . To compose and send an e-mail using Outlook, in the main window click on “New” and then fill in the required fields. In the field “To” email e who wish to send the message; in the field “Add a topic”, the title or reference of what is in the message; in the field “Add a message or drop a file here” text, image or document you want to send and finally pressed the send button. Note that we can count on the services of Outlook both in the browser and on devices with Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Windows Phone. Google GMail have no doubt that Gmail is now the email service most used around the world, and this is mainly due to the features and options offered, and that every day to provide better and grow better and more complete user experience. In this regard, new category tabs, introduced in recent versions of the product, ensure excellent reading flow through messages in each we find separate different types of mail, much simplifying the task of reviewing them. Another very important point to remember is that Gmail does an excellent handling spam. To have a Gmail account, all you have to do is click on this link, click on the button “Create Account” and then complete the information in the form. At this point, we will be able to send mail to any of our contacts, we can do easily using the button “Send”. Here the fields to be completed are “To”, ” From ” and “Subject”, where “order” is the email of the contact you want to send the message, “From” is the account from which you will send the message, very useful option since if you have chosen to receive emails from another account on Gmail, we can also use it to send. Finally “Subject” field where write the title or reference of what this mail. Note that Gmail is available for browser and mobile platforms like iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Yahoo Mail recently re-released with a system of organizing tabs messages, Yahoo Mail is another mail service has much experience and competitiveness, and also offers a number of enticing features and options that we can not ignore at any depth look at the service. To register to Yahoo, click on this link, we press the button “Create new account” and follow the instructions provided by the system. After that, we can now use the service to send emails using the button “Write”. With regard to the fields to fill out to send a mail are twofold: “To” and “Subject”, which work similarly to the other services mentioned above. Yahoo Mail is available to browser, iOS, Android and Windows Phone . If you liked this page, you can share …


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