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How to complain about your boss with Human Resources


How to complain about your boss with Human Resources
Whether your boss is a bully or simply unprofessional, keep in mind that you are not alone. A study conducted by Employment Law Alliance found that 44% of employees have ever been victims of abuse from his boss. Fortunately, if you are in this difficult situation with your boss, you can ask for help by contacting your human resources department. Before filling your complaint, you must follow the appropriate steps to ensure that you will be heard.

1 – Check your employee handbook.

This should include a section on how to file complaints with the Human Resources department. Read this information carefully to make sure you follow the proper protocol. Notes any specific action you should take before filing your complaint. For example, some companies may require their employees to follow the chain of command talking to your boss or supervisor with the department manager to solve the problem. If still not resolved, then the employee must fill out a complaint with Human Resources.

2 – Write a detailed report of your complaint.

Describes the events that occurred in chronological order and be specific in your complaint. Use your employee handbook to describe what policies or procedures the company has violated your boss. It includes important facts such as dates, time and name of employees who may be witnesses. Note that it is important to remain professional and avoid including personal opinions in your written complaint. Focus on the facts and make sure you conclude your report with information on how you want your problem resolved.

3 – Gather evidence.

HR managers need to have enough evidence to take action against a supervisor and is optional for you to offer it. Make a list of witnesses, including colleagues and customers who directly observed the inappropriate behavior of your supervisor. Make copies of any messages or email your boss sent you to support your complaint. Keep detailed records of any wrongdoing, including days and hours.

4 – Delivery forms and documents of complaint to the Human Resources department.

Follow the policies described in your notebook complaints employee or speaking with someone from Human Resources to determine who is in charge of taking complaints from employees. Delivery forms or documents required to file a complaint in person. He believes that also should talk to the HR manager before officially submitting your complaint. He may ask you several questions to determine the nature of your complaint, it must be sure that all your answers are equally as wrote in your complaint.

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