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Discover the exact moment when you should ask for an increase

45% of people who quit their jobs would do so for reasons related to salary, says a Glassdoor survey conducted in 2018. If you are considering leaving your current position to find a job with a better salary, wait! First, why not try to ask for an increase? To improve the chances of your employer accepting, check the best time to request it.

Consider your seniority

If you have just started a new job, or you are in the same job but you started to occupy a new position, you should wait at least six months, recommends Vicki Salemi, a labor expert, in dialogue with CNBC Make It. “To ask for it before does not give you time to show that you are a resource of value for the company,” he explains. After that period elapses, it would be a great time to talk to your boss.

Find out when compensations are reviewed

What does that mean? For example, if the company’s fiscal year begins on January 1, the discussions about salary reviews may take place during November. If you talk to your boss in December, it might be too late, since the budget adjustments would already be closed. Therefore, it is important that you ask the person responsible for the issue when the salary increases are decided.

What to do if the answer is negative

You already know what is the best time to ask for an increase. But what happens if the answer is negative? For starters, if the company does not have the necessary budget to grant an increase, you may be able to negotiate other benefits. For example, more vacation days, work from home or other incentives.

To increase your chances for the future, you can ask your employer to explain the reasons why the increase is not possible now. That information will help you to know if there is anything yoBalance.rove to get it tomorrow, indicated in The Balance.

If none of that is possible and having a higher salary is essential for you, it may be convenient to start looking for a new job. Of course, you do not have to give up the current one before getting a better offer.

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