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9 Phrases That Must Be Avoided At All Costs In A Job Interview

Even if you have nerves of steel and are the most trusted person in the world, job interviews are always a time of tension. Your interviewer has already seen your CV, has found it attractive and has called you. But what to do now to be the chosen one? How to respond correctly to be the perfect candidate? There is no magic and definitive solution, but you can follow some tips to make you feel more comfortable. You will see how your hiring possibilities increase!
The most important thing is that you go calm. The person that you interview will try to create a good environment to talk with you one on one. From here, the most important thing is sincerity, but, be balanced: the excess of honesty could be counterproductive. So that this does not happen to you, we give you those five phrases that you should avoid in a job interview:


“I studied this career because it was what my parents wanted.”

This response conveys that you lack the will and capacity to decide for yourself. Also, it suggests that you have no vocation for the career path you have chosen. If your decision does not show determination or any other positive attitude , it is best that you do not specify the reasons behind it. The interviewers will look for your personal skills in the answers you offer, asking not so much for your career but for how you have carried it out. For this, it is good to talk about specific moments in your life, both personally and professionally, where you consider that you have stood out for how you played your role.


“I want to change because my boss makes my life impossible.”

In HR, they are very aware of all the circumstances that can occur in interpersonal relationships within the workplace. Customers, delivery dates, stress … sometimes you work with pressure and frictions arise; other times, two people do not get along well and can crash. But in any case, it is better not to show so directly that you have had conflicts with the people you worked with, whether they were higher positions or your own colleagues .


“Can I work from home” or “how much vacation would I get?”

Save these types of questions until after you have been offered a position or the employer might question your motivation or work ethic.


‘I’m A Perfectionist’

When you boldly declare yourself as a perfectionist then it could make you come across as someone who is overconfident or blatantly lying. No one is actually perfect in life and everybody has flaws. Saying the truth and admitting your flaws will only present you as an honest candidate and one who knows his weaknesses. It builds trust


“I changed jobs because I never went out on time.”

Everyone, including any interviewer, knows how important it is to enjoy free time, but there are always periods of increased workload and stress. Affirmations thus suggest that you are not capable of managing times of work spikes and may play against you. It is better that you transform your response and that you attribute that change, to the opportunities that it offered you or to the challenge that it entailed.



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Odds are, you won’t already be familiar with every single task of a given job. And that’s okay–most of the time, recruiters and hiring managers won’t expect you to know everything, especially if you’re at a more junior level. But there’s a right way and wrong way to express that you don’t know how to do something. Saying “no” flat-out makes it sound like you’re not only completely clueless, but also unwilling to learn.
“Instead, answer the question with a qualifying response. For example, if asked whether you have worked with a software that you [have] no experience with, you should talk about the similar software that you do have knowledge about and how they relate to the software in question,” says Patrick Lynch, president for the southeast region of talent and transition firm CMP.
You can also give an example of a time you learned a different tool or technology quickly to make it clear that you’ll be able to get up to speed in no time.


‘No, I Don’t Have Any Questions’

Not asking any questions simply implies that you have not done your homework. A single question will be enough for them to remember you and will show that you are really excited about the opportunity.


“My boss was incompetent” (or a jerk, an idiot or anything else disparaging).

Prospective employers will likely side with your current or previous supervisor and assume you will be difficult to manage. They may even worry that you’ll badmouth them at some future job interview.


“I do speak English, but now I do not feel ready to do it.”

If you do not feel comfortable speaking a foreign language, it is better to put it on your CV directly and do everything possible to improve it! If the interviewer perceives that you do not have the level that you have indicated, it will play against you and everything you have told before or will say later, will lose credibility.

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