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8 reasons why your resume is ignored


8 reasons why your resume is ignored

If after having endeavored to rewrite your entire resume, checking spelling and everything to show there would fit the profile calling; They never called, you may be making some mistakes.
The resume is the initial letter of presentation to show to any company or person you have specific skills to make the best candidate for the job vacancy is open. But there are some preliminary considerations have to do before giving “send” to that email, so that really be effective you expect, that is, to call him to interview. It is clear that there are no common factors or models that have “scientifically proven” to be successful to be taken into account. Each labor supply looking for a person with a different profile, as well as every industry, so there is simply no “keys to success” and parameters “successful” but written texts correctly and that fit each company.

It does not matter whether you have work experience, and if you do not find much work. It all depends on the presentation you make and the factors to take into account stop show. So, here we mention those most common mistakes that you may have committed unconsciously and that have prevented you pass to the second stage of labor selection in a company.
1. Mail same One factor you do not have in mind: and get your resume to the inbox of the person offering the vacancy, will come dozens of emails rather than waiting to be also taken into account. Exercise caution in his presentation. It is important to send a previous text which make a short presentation and the reason for your mail. In case, they are more likely to read the mail if you write “Application to vacant ____” (and writes the position in space). But if you send “Wave” or “Resume” it is a little incoherent and unfriendly in his presentation. As for the text, enter your full name and again, the vacancy to which it is applied.

Thank attention and attach your contact information in your signature. Consider these recommendations they will stand out among so many emails that only send the attached or say “I apply for the post” without greeting or farewell. That speaks enough of you and your cordiality.
2. Misspellings This is something that all the experts agree on recruitment. No matter your profession or field in which to play. Spelling is vital because it not only indicates a good knowledge of the language and the way we communicate, but is also a sign that you are a detail person. In this connection is also the use of capitalization, which it is nothing pleasing to the eye and, in reading, make you feel, who read, who are screaming or are scolding.
3. Contact Information Experts from the website Staff say it is very important to be careful with numbers and emails that you provide. This not only means that check has not given any not appropriate, you have written all the numbers with the prefixes required, it is also necessary to place contacts in line with their professional level. For example, an email that is “xyz@gmail.com” is an indication of the candidate’s personality and professionalism. Although it is “your e – lifetime”, you need to start giving a more professional touch to your profile . The same is true if you are adding social networks: Do not use nicknames or strange words, if you do not correspond to something purely professional.

4. Very long (and unnecessary) Perhaps at his university never made ​​the clarification, but for each position you want to apply, you must have a road different life. Sure, you can have a general format. But not all the experience you have will be useful for all. Each job offer requires work itself, if he wants to continue in the selection process. This implies that place strictly necessary to consider that would give points to the work applied. For example, if you are a systems engineer and once held a position of seller, but it will apply to a vacancy software maintenance, that experience as a seller is irrelevant and useless. Thus, the strategy is to “step into the shoes” of those who receive your resume and ask “this would be useful in the position he will play?”. If the answer is yes, leave the information, otherwise it will be better to remove it . With this, not only will be quite concrete, will not have long texts, but will make the reading and selection who receive your resume much easier . The chronological order is also important.
5. The format itself The resumes are sent in printed documents in Word or PDF. There are no other options, as are programs that facilitate reading documents, unlike a photo (JPG) or any other design program (unless that’s the specification, in the case of a publisher or designer graphic, for example). in Careertracing explain that this is one of the factors that displeases a recruiter, not being able to open the document easily or when the reading becomes incomprehensible. in this, applies the font and size to use : the most suitable always be Arial and Times New Roman, between 12 and 14 pts max. Be careful with colors, lines and images. The more simple your resume is, the easier it is to read. That he shall make quite visible contact details with intertitles and try to separate each of the spaces that will work.

6. Social Networking Whether because there included or not, their networks are also a resume. Beware of publications made ​​as regards labor issues and the findings that might do on certain issues. For that, it is best to have all private, if it is not something professional. To find out how they do it , we suggest you read “Their networks are also your resume, do you know?”.
7. Your ego is good that highlight your skills and experience, but try to do it in a calm and sustained way, without using too many adjectives. Say clear and only strictly necessary things as the interview will be the perfect opportunity for you to give depth. Consider what you can do differently to others and only use first person , in the introductory text. Forbes also explains that when the text does not match your experience is a form of insult, decently, the employer; that is, a person who wants to appear or give a vision of his career it really is not.
8. Does not meet the conditions are very specific job offers, looking for a particular profile with some knowledge and conditions. In the case of such offers, do not send your resume “just in case”, because what will you be angry person receiving the mail and will be discarded altogether. Before giving “send” always check all conditions and requirements, if it does not, simply look elsewhere. You may also be interested in “Jobs abroad, where do you find them ?”.

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