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5 words that should never be used to describe himself


5 words that should never be used to describe himself
Both for a job interview as when holding talks with coworkers, you can make the perception of who you are.
“Name three of his qualities , ” one of the favorite phrases of heads and directors of human resources, when making processes of labor selection. And usually, you already have predesigned that response that makes it look like a fit person to the position you are applying. And says without thinking if the meaning of these qualities can really help. Therefore, it is necessary to reconsider twice before putting on your resume, social networking sites like LinkedIn or during an interview the words that qualify.

1. Smart

The most common and generating more disrepute because, by nature, man is intelligent. The point is to show the extent and in what field is really smart. According to careertracing that this is one of the words you expect others say about you, but not with yourself described. Instead, you can use other expressions as “be logical”, “quantitative” or “rapid learning”; which can decrease the judgments you make.

2. Innovative

Most claim to be, without really knowing the meaning of the word: it is about having ideas to create or modify what has already been created but what you really are innovative always According to the influencer LinkedIn, careertracing, is not it is a skill that should speak, but to demonstrate through their experience or achievements he has had in his career (with projects or products).

3. Results – oriented

Actually, most employees have to be results – oriented. That’s why we pay them, to generate income to the company for which they work. Even, everything can change if you ask, then , “and if you have set goals, how does” ( of course, depending on their profession). To say this also should be aware that statistics have to be established and proven experience.

4. Motivated

As he writes Elise Moreau, in lifehack, although companies do not want to have someone who will have to “bring the constantly hand to do things , ” usually people choose a career path because they have a passion for that field. so, this word only remains as a “filler” which also should be relegated to be shown in the experience you have when talking about projects he has led and has performed without having to follow guidelines from others.

5. Creative

In professions that require necessarily of this quality, it is redundant and pretentious. Be creative qualities involves understanding any kind of problem and find a solution. Which happens in most cases. But it really is a word that has lost impact, says the expert careertracing.

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