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4 Ways to relieve stress and nerves before a job interview

4 Ways to relieve stress and nerves before a job interview

The job interview usually generates nerves and stress, and often can play against you. Discover 4 Ways to alleviate both before your next interview
Nerves and stress negative effects on a job interview and even can ruin your chances of getting the job . To help relieve stress and reduce nerves before an interview we offer 4 tips.

How affect nerves in a job interview

While many know how to deal with nervousness in a job interview, there are cases where this state of stress can negatively affect you . In fact, many of the attitudes that generate the nerves, such as restlessness or something gross answers can generate a negative perception .
One of the main aspects of the interview usually be adversely affected by nerves and stress is the body of questions . If you’re too nervous you can trabarte with challenging questions, even if maybe you have previously prepared.
Nerves and stress are also perceived through the non – verbal language . Swing chair and avoid eye contact are the features that most telltale nerves, and while many recruiters try to get you to relax, others believe that if you are not able to stay calm in an interview, you can not deal with the nerves and stress position for which you have presented yourself.

4 tips to reduce stress and nerves before an interview

1. Plan ahead

According to Arrington explains, humans can only take a number of decisions a day before feeling overwhelmed, and the more you make decisions, you will feel less rational. Therefore, the CEO recommended to take small decisions before the interview, for example , the outfit that you’ll use, what you will eat before you go …

2. Practice

Find someone (friend, teacher, mentor or former employer) and ask them to participate in a mock interview, suggested the entrepreneur, because like sports, the more you practice, the better you ‘ll do. Try to make at least 3 test interviews and requests feedback .

3. Research

Learn everything you can about the history of the company, its competitiveness and sales, and if you can find out more about your interviewer says Arrington. The more you know , the better you can answer questions and make some of your own.

4. Spend some time to yourself

Do not rush. Think of all you have to do ( get dressed, eat breakfast, travel) and doubles the time you normally take. So you’ll get calm .
And you? Do you have a method to prevent nerves and stress affect you during an interview? Comment!


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