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3 signs that you have a bad boss

3 signs that you have a bad boss
People do not leave bad Companies, they leave bad bosses. A bad boss is not always the one who shouts, insults or humiliates you, it can also be one who ignores you and does not let you grow! Know the 3 signs that you have a bad boss.
Sometimes they are not so obvious, but the signs that your boss is inefficient may be there without you noticing. Think a little: a boss should give you the tools to develop and improve each day.
These are the signs that you have a bad boss


Never give you feedback

Your boss gives you orders, he can thank you and even say “well done”; but he has never told you how to improve , your areas of opportunity or constructive criticism, which could help you grow within the company.
What to do? Ask him directly and without fear. Say something like “Thank you for telling me that I do it well but I would like to know how to improve and improve my work. I would appreciate constant feedback from you to know what to focus on . ”


Does not recognize your potential

You have done the same activities for years, you do it well and your boss knows it; however, you have not had new challenges, projects or tasks that show that you have more potential. You’re stuck and your boss does nothing to get you out of there.
What to do? Express your wishes for taking on new responsibilities, show your interest in new projects or take out your ideas that give your activities a plus.

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You have no idea what you do

Your superior sees you working but does not know exactly what; assumes that you comply with your activities, with your workday, delivery of reports, etc. Do you know about the extra hours you do? Do you know that you have not taken a vacation? Are you aware of the extra you can give the company?
If your answer is “no” it is because your boss has no idea of ​​your work, which can not lead to anything good.
What to do? Again, talk directly to him or her . Tell him that you feel ignored and that your work is not taken into account.

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