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25 fatal errors that you should fix in the curriculum

any applications for a job are discarded because of the lack of prolixity of a curriculum. From including hobbies to using many adjectives are some of the most common mistakes among postulants. Here is a list of the 25 most common mistakes collected by a freejobalert article and that you should take into account to not decrease the options of getting your dream job.


1. Avoid setting your goals:  If you are applying, it is obvious that you want the job.

2. Irrelevant work experience:  You may have been the king of the shakes in the restaurant that worked in his university time but at least you want to redeem yourself from the title, it is totally unnecessary to put it.

3. Personal things:  Do not include marital status, religion preference or health insurance number

4. Hobbies:  Nobody cares. If it is not relevant to the job for which you are applying, it is a waste of space and time for the company.

5. Age:  If you do not want to be discriminated against again for a position because of your age it is time to remove the graduation date.

6. Too much text:  One of the most common mistakes is to write a will when it is not necessary.

7. Free time:  If you take time to travel or visit your family it is not advisable to put it in the summary. In many countries it is acceptable to include this, especially related to travel, but it is not appropriate in the United States.

8. References:  If your employer wants to speak with a reference, he will let you know. It is also necessary that you tell who can serve as a reference that there is a possibility that a company calls you to ask for a recommendation.

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9. Personal pronouns:  Your resume should not include “me, me, her or mine”. Do not write your cv in third or first person. It is understood that everything in your resume is about you and your experiences.

10. Present tense for an old job: He  never described his work experience using the present tense. Only your current work should be written at that time.

11. At least try to use a more professional email:  If you still use your old email as beerlover123@gmail.com it ‘s time to create a new one.

12. Do not put the word phone:  It’s a bit silly. They know what your number is. The same applies to the mail.

13. Contact information for your old job:  Not only dangerous but also inappropriate or do you want your potential new employer to call your current job?

14. The name of your boss:  Do not write the name of your boss unless you agree that your future employer contacts him.

15. Company specific vocabulary:  Many times companies have their own internal language to talk about some issues, and that is not for external use.

16. URLs that are not related to the specific Social-media position:  People who think that their social networks are relevant in their CV are putting the risk in a postulation. It is only accepted to link to pages such as LinkedIn.

17. Salary information:  Some people include the hourly rate of their work during university time. This information is unnecessary and could send the wrong message.

18. Outdated Source:  Do not use Times New Roman and Serif, since they are obsolete. Use a standard such as Arial.

19. Overly artistic sources:  People try to make their cv look more glamorous with the use of a more artistic source, but studies show that they are difficult to read.

20. Fashion words annoy:  Companies do not like to see buzzwords in fashion.

21. Reasons why you left a job:  Many think that by exposing this type of information their chances of staying with the work will increase. The truth is not like that.

22. Your GPA:  when you are out of college your GPA score is irrelevant and more so if it is low.

23. A photo:  This could be a norm in the future, but it is rare for now.

24. Do not use adjectives:  Do not try to sell yourself by using subjective words. “I am an excellent communicator” or “highly organized and motivated”.

25. Short works:  Avoid putting the cv a charge that you have had for a very short period of time.

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